Heroin causing new concern among
law enforcement, public health officials
A new perspective piece by Washington Lt. Governor Brad Owen outlines the growing heroin/opioid abuse problem and lists four strategies covering what the experts say should be done about it. Owen's piece, prepared as a policy paper for the National Lt. Governors Association, can be downloaded on the NLGA web site.

Washington governor signs legislation to overhaul
medical marijuana laws, reconcile with recreational
Legislation to fold Washington's largely unregulated medical marijuana market into the state's tightly controlled recreational market has passed the Legislature has now been signed by Governor Jay Inslee. The legislation creates a voluntary patient registry, eliminates collective gardens in favor of a patient cooperative, and changes the name of the state agency that provides oversight over marijuana sales to the Liquor and Cannabis Board. An initiative to approve medical marijuana was approved by state voters in 1998. Washington's recreational marijuana sales initiative was approved in 2012.

 A collection of stories can be found on the Google News index.

New radio ad to raise awareness about
Washington's recreational marijuana law 
A new radio ad campaign by the Washington Department of Social and Health Services intends to raise awareness about the state's recreational marijuana law.

The ad is based on research conducted by the University of Washington and the state Department of Health revealing that most adults and youth are not aware of the basic facts of the law, such as the legal age for usage is 21, according to Deb Schnellman, communications and health promotion manager for the DSHS Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery.

"As we know, it is critical for parents to have the facts so they can inform their teens and young adults," she said.

The ad is narrated by Dr. Leslie Walker, chief of the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Seattle Childrens Hospital and professor and vice chair of faculty affairs in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine.  

The ads, which will primarily target the parents of teens, will run until May 20 and will reach most areas of the state. The end of the radio message refers parents to www.StartTalkingNow.org for more information, which is the website sponsored by the Washington Healthy Youth Coalition.

Traffic Safety Commission video provides
overview of Washington state's marijuana laws

A new video by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission provides an overview of the state's marijuana laws, focusing on potential impacts on impaired driving.

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What is the cost of legal marijuana to an employer?
A comprehensive white paper produced by National Families in Action details potential impacts to an employer through the use of recreational and medical marijuana by workers under their employ. The report, written by Sue Rusche and Kevin Sabet, reviews potential safety, flexibility, productivity and litigation costs. It discusses whether employers should accommodate users of medical marijuana, the increase of positive drug tests and increased problems due to edibles. The NFA has made the publication available for download from its web site, or directly as a PDF file.

Mentioned in the Media

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
Judge’s Decision Keeps Marijuana
on list of Schedule I Drugs
A U.S. District Court Judge has ruled that marijuana should remain on the federal list of Schedule 1 drugs, alongside of heroin and LSD. Read more on the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids web site. 

News Max
Marijuana Foes: 10 organizations
that oppose legalization of pot
Marijuana legalization has resulted in passionate and well-funded individuals and organizations on both sides of the argument working to advance their position, spending money and organizing volunteers. Concerned parents, law enforcement and medical professionals have created state and national organizations to argue against medical and recreational marijuana legalization. Read the list of organizations in NEWSMAX.

International Business Times
The "medical" in medical marijuana still a misnomer
While it’s been handed out to more than a million so-called patients in 23 states, marijuana bears no resemblance to anything else in their medicine cabinets. Its use is not well-regulated or -understood, and states have done a poor job of tracking what, exactly, is being doled out at its dispensaries, a new report in the International Business Times concludes.


Office of National Drug Control Policy