Rapper Macklemore takes on 'big pharma,'
doctors as reason for opioid epidemic

Seattle rapper Macklemore is out with a new single called "Drug Dealer" that blames physicians and drug companies for over-prescribing opioids and leading to addiction. A video opens with a curled-up Macklemore in the shower rapping on about how opioid addiction is responsible for taking the lives celebrities like Prince and Whitney Houston.

"Now it's everybody's problem, got a nation on the verge," he says. The video also features musical artist Ariano Deboo surrounded by pain killers singing how her doctor "tried to kill me."

Health experts now consider opioid addiction to be an epidemic in the United States. Opioid use has been blamed for the recent explosion of heroin abuse across the nation as heroin, also an opioid, provides a cheaper and more available way for addicts to get their fix than prescription meds. Special tasks forces have been formed in the heavily populated Washington counties of King and Snohomish to better research the problem and find solutions for opioid addiction.

As a warning, the video includes some "adult" language.

Drug Dealer by Macklemore


Parents are the best teachers about healthy choices
With the bells of school ringing once more, there are also some "alarm bells" to be aware

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What you say can make a huge difference. This article on the StartTalkingNow.Org web site reminds us of the risks and provides some practical tips and resource links that may help you start the conversation.



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