Making a Difference

A host of dedicated professionals, from law enforcement and military personnal to prevention and treatment specialists, work day in and out to reduce the impact of harmful drug abuse on individuals and communities.

Community organizers and youth club leaders, students and parents work hand in hand to raise awareness and slow and stop the incidence of substance abuse in our cities, towns and rural areas. Judges and officers of the court dedicate their time to helping those convicted of drug-related offenses break their cycle of substance abuse and return to the world of law-abiding citizens.
This area of M-Files is devoted to providing more information about the people and organizations that are making a difference.

Drug Courts - An alternative sentencing program aimed at treatment and rehabilition over incarcertation.

Enforcement - State troopers, sheriff's deputies, local police and federal agents are working together to enforce state, local and federal illicit substance laws and, often in association with the National Guard, work to eradicate illegal marijuana grow operations and meth labs. Law enforcement also works in harmony with the federal government to restrict the flow of drugs into the United States across our borders.
Treatment -