Underage drinking resources

Regional/Pacific Northwest

Start Talking Now (Washington Healthy Youth Coalition site aimed at adults helping teens)
DSHS Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery
Washington Recovery Help Line
Washington Healthy Youth Survey - Fact Sheets on Teen Alcohol Use


Underage Drinking. Talk. They Hear You. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
Dangers of Teen Drinking (Federal Trade Commission)
Binge Drinking and Your Health (An in-depth look at the current state of binge drinking from the perspective of the insurance industry. Includes information on hy college-aged students are more at risk, the economic impact of binge drinking, and how the legal, emotional, and physical consequences can reverberate throughout the course of an individual's life).

CDC Fact Sheets - Caffeine and Alcohol (Facts about the dangers of mixing alcohol and energy drinks from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)